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Building Energy Division

With nearly 20 years of professional experience, Pannon Építőműhely Kft. (Pannon Buildings Energetics Ltd.) offers comprehensive energy consultancy services to its customers as an independent engineering office. Our objective is to support our corporate, institutional and retail customers with our expert knowledge in the energy field in order to implement cost-efficient and environmentally conscious operations.

In the course of the energy consultancy, all areas of operation where energy savings can be achieved are assessed. Through our basic services and comprehensive energy management service packages, we seek out significant energy cost savings for our customers. These savings ensure our customers the opportunity for modernization and in addition to cost efficiency, the solutions also lead to a ready-to-go position for the submission of applications for calls for proposals in order to access new income resources.

Our comprehensive energy consultancy services range from the optimization of energy procurement, and the elaboration of the development concept all the way to implementation, where the company owners’ entire decision-making process is supported by engineering and economic calculations.

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Our Staff

Lengyel Ágoston - Managing Director
Ybl Miklós College, Architect
Budapesti University of Technology and Economics, Construction Supervisor
College of Trade and Catering, Economist

Lengyel Kristóf - Director for Energy Services
Corvinus University of Budapest, Special Economist in Energy Management
University of Pécs, Economist
College of Trade, Catering and Tourism, Economist

Ácsné Benyó Magdolna - Energy Consultant, Architect

Csinády Rita - Assistant

Dózsa Éva - Engineer consultant

Deák Ádám - Technical coordinator

Fühl Anna - Technical coordinator

Lőrincz Emese - Marketing Manager

Márk Balázs - Engineer

Pintér Béla - Engineer

Pompor Gyula - Mechanical Engineer

General Contractor Business

We provide full-scale services during the building of energy-saving family houses as well as during the construction of apartment buildings and commercial properties. Using modern building materials, complying with the standards of our modern age, we provide the economical construction of energy-saving buildings to our customers.

During the construction of family houses, as well as apartment buildings, we are ready to use the most recent technology. Ideally, already in the planning phase, we can contact our Customers and this way, among others, we can facilitate the process of building an energy-saving house and the selection of suitable structural elements by detailed energy-efficiency calculation
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Oktober 2014
Hospital Nyírő Gyula, Press conference
Lengyel Ágoston and Lengyel Kristóf

November 2014
IME Conference
Lengyel Kristóf

Our staff in the boiler house of Hospital Nyírő Gyula

November 2014
HuGBC conference
Lengyel Kristóf

November 2014
HuGBC conference
Lengyel Kristóf

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