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We provide options for

optimal energy consumption adjusted to usage and periodical features:

Hotels need to adapt to multiple demands. On the one hand, serving the demands of the arriving guests at the highest level; on the other hand, competitiveness should also be taken into consideration. Simultaneously, in the background, smooth operation needs to be ensured invisibly, which sometimes means disproportionately high costs compared to the revenues.

The degree of utilization and the fluctuation in the demands, as well as the time differences make the flexible adaptation of the operation difficult and, many times, this also shows in the budget. The innovative system of tools and the engineering solutions of our times provide a solution to this problem.

The costs are optimized

with methods that, the one hand, do not affect either the undisturbed comfort of the guests or the continuity of the operation and, on the other hand, the achieved savings allow for energy developments resulting in further savings.

How is the programme structured?

Our energy savings programme adjusted to the hotels’ special demands offers services to you, which, in many cases can operate as self-financing’ systems.

Step 1: Account Audit

The exploration of savings independent of the energy provider and the consumption. We can ensure economical operations by software optimization.

The audit consists of 4 steps, since our company does not only investigate costs in the past but also unit prices, fixed performance and tariff classification. The savings achieved this way generate the financing for the next step of the programme:

Step 2: Energy Concept

By working out a 6-module concept, as well as knowing the shortest return period, the hotel’s energy strategy can be created. In the Concept we assess the amount of money wasted for each area and what kind of fast returning investments can be implemented resulting in energy savings. Apart from this, we provide professional support for owners’ decisions by specifying each development option and making them comparable from the point of view of investment cost and return.

The detailed consumption data generated this way provide a possibility for energy analysis, and for taking measures directed towards cost reduction. The "owner presence" ensured by the system already results in significant savings in energy consumption.

Step 3: Tender Support

The concept created can also be deemed as a prepared tender since the documents made on the basis of the concept (e.g. Feasibility Study) form an essential part of the proposals. Therefore, for calls for tenders, our clients can get an advantage of 2 to 3 months compared to other applicants, which makes it possible to submit their proposals already at the publishing date of the call. The energy works completed by our company can be accounted for as preparation in a successful proposal.

Step 4: Energy Control System

Control of consumption data on a daily basis. The data of the (optionally expandable) system established by Pannon Building Energetics can be tracked on an online interface regarding for any reading locations and for any optional periods.

The system is based on a 15-minute automated reading of the energy consumption of the main building parts (blocks: kitchen, wellness, rooms, floors, rentals etc.). As a result of the readings millions of items in data history are available with the details required for proposals.

The data collected this way can be optionally queried via Internet or an internal network and can also be graphically displayed.

Financing from savings:

For numerous customers the savings achieved with the help of the account audit have financed the costs of the Energy Concept and may also cover further energy developments, for example automatic consumption restriction (Energy Control) in.
The explored savings can provide the costs for tender preparation, or even the company’s own contribution for the tender.

Energy Management System Instead of Energy Audit!

The concept provides a solid basis for the obligatory energy audits required by the EU from non-SMEs; the audits are to be completed by 15th December 2015 and repeated every four years. Companies where energy or environmental management systems compliant with the international standards are introduced are exempt from the audit. The programme offered by us is the first step in the implementation of the ISO 50001 standard which is in compliance with the EU criterion for exemption.

Hotel-specific advantages:

For the guests:

  • Environmentally-conscious approach
  • Flexibility in organization
  • Uninterrupted operation: imperceptible troubleshooting, minimization of possible errors
  • Obtaining funds to be spent on development instead of energy-wasting management
  • Enhancing the feeling of comfort: very stable operation adjusted to optimal demands,

For the owners:

  • Continuous online information - constant presence: “a good host sees everything”. Ensuring the presence of the owner for several, simultaneously operated buildings – tracking several consumption sites online ensuring remote monitoring for hotel chains.
  • Achieving savings on energy costs
  • supporting decision making: determination of an optimal modernization ranking (within one building or for several buildings)
  • tender preparations: by making the tender ready for submission, the hotel gains an advantage of 2 to 3 months compared to other applicants
  • optimal operation of the various blocks (restaurant – rooms – offices– wellness): options for immediate and flexible intervention
  • comparability of cost centres

For Marketing:

  • „Energy-conscious hotel” qualification, conveying a popular and positive message to the guests
  • Due to savings, more funds can be allocated for marketing activities, i.e. in order to reach prospective guests

For Operations:

  • Increasing efficiency,
  • Greater flexibility
  • Advantages stemming from automation in the areas of work organization, cost savings, maintenance and trouble-shooting


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