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Did you know that there are more than 70 factors that have an impact on the energy invoices of properties? In the case of modernization, what pays off the quickest? How much can exactly be saved?

In case you take the right decision and make the optimal changes, your expenditures spent on energy can be reduced by up to 75 %.

How can you still bring an owner’s decision that is the right one indeed? How can you save the most energy and, this way, the most money?

The answer lies in conscious planning. This is where we can help you efficiently, thanks to the experts of our engineering office who are independent from service providers and products.

To whom do we recommend each element of our programme?

  • Renovators
  • Builders
  • Those aiming at troubleshooting

Our service packages have been compiled according to our household customers’ various demands:


Through our on-site consultation, we make verbal suggestions in order to support the optimal energy modernization of the building: 

Energy consultation

Support for grants

What is needed for successful applications? Status ready for tender. How can this be achieved?

1. Energy Concept > 2. energy calculations > 3. feasibility studies > 4. submission in a few days after the publication of the call for tenders

Since, thanks to the energy calculations, the vast majority of data is available for our customers, the assessment of energy and financial opportunities can start well before the call for proposal. This way the amount of time needed to prepare the applications can be minimized and this makes it possible to submit the application as early as on the first day of the call for tender, which means a great advantage compared to other applicants.

In the case of our household customers, the Concept is replaced by the preparation of energy efficiency calculations and the energy certificates in time. Information on these can be found here, on the website. Apart from that, it is also worth taking a look at the pages below in order to obtain full-scale information:

Assessment of family houses – Energy efficiency consultation and calculation

Energy tenders for EEOP and EEEOP

Energy Certificate –for Residential Houses

Even in one day, without any urgency surcharge, according to the legislative provisions: Energy certificate

Building Structural and Building Engineering Modernization - Complex Energy Efficiency Calculation

The energy consumption of the planned status of a building can be modelled with the help of energy efficiency calculation. By specific numerical data, we present the changes of costs, return rate and savings. We elaborate various opportunities and suggested solutions in order to choose the ideal solution.

The implementation of the calculations is also recommended in the case of renovation and new construction! In the case of the renovation of a building, we are making a suggestion to choose the structures that can be optimally insulated. In the case of a new construction, apart from the optimization of thermal insulation, we are making a suggestion as for the selection of the holding structures. In the case of thermal insulation, there is also an opportunity for several versions. More details

Building structural modernization I. – Partial energy efficiency calculation

Energy efficiency calculation exclusively for building structural modernization proposals, during which 12 to 15 types of variations are elaborated. This way you can receive correct data in order to bring the appropriate decisions.

Building structural modernization II. – Would you like to sell your property?

Thanks to our service, you are getting an opportunity to increase the value of your property, as well as buyers’ trust. As part of it, the buyers who are interested can receive information concerning the improvement of the energy rating that can be achieved with the help of several ways of modernization. (For example: if we have a property of category D, it can become category A just by replacing the boiler). With the help of an accredited, professional document, you can verify the ideal suggestions elaborated with the help of the energy efficiency calculation. During the service, we are also issuing the energy certificate of the property, (in accordance with the specification)

The service stimulates sales; thus, we also recommend it to real estate agents.

Thermal Camera Review

It is also valid for architectural structures, mechanical and electrical installations. A part of the above review consisting of 15 IR images is the analysis of the data and making suggestions to energy modernization.

Instrumental Measurement of Moisture

Is the problem caused by high humidity content or the accumulation of water inside the structure? There is a possibility to apply various gadgets during the measurement of surface moisture or measurement at a depth of 20 to 30 cm.

Building Industrial Implementation

A cost-saving implementation of energy-saving buildings out of modern construction materials. Building automation:

Thanks to the services of our company, we are providing help in the specific realization of energy-conscious everyday life. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Modernization Opportunities of Apartment Buildings

In the case of a property consisting of at least 100 apartments, with a central heating and cooling system, saving stemming from a review can cover the energy developments or the amount of the self-cost in the tender. In the course of the review, following the detailed technical traversal, as well as after the analysis of the invoices and the contracts, we are suggesting amendments resulting in future savings. More details

Household Energy Management Programme

You are getting a clear picture of what the developments with the most advantageous return rates are in the case of properties, and this way the owners gain the possibility to make optimal decisions concerning modernization.

  • Building-diagnostic assessments with instruments help us in finding the architectural and mechanical features of the building objectively
  • Specification of errors and status check without demolition
  • Planning the costs too high or too low can be avoided
  • We carry out the exploration of energy loss so you can learn how much energy loss is generated at which areas
  • As a result of a detailed on-site assessment and engineering analysis, we specify the cost saving possibilities for all buildings, as well as consumption places
  • The data and remarks recorded during the assessment are analyzed with the help of our engineer colleagues
  • We make specific suggestions for development
  • You can receive a clear picture concerning the energy level of the building expected through appropriate operation
  • Proper starting point by way of cost saving
  • We make suggestions for the cheaper and more energy-conscious operation of the property

Throughout the country, Pannon Building Energetics created several hundreds of energy concepts, during which developments with immediate and/ or the most favourable return periods have been revealed. With the circle of the complex energy services compiled according to the experience acquired this way, it supports the optimization of energy consumption independently of the producer and the technology.


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