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ISO50001 is a good alternative for the Energy Audit required under the EU directive!

How to achieve that the obligatory Energy Audits for the companies would not just mean an extra burden for you but also a cost reduction factor, and this way an advantage that can even guarantee some significant savings? We already know the answer and we have elaborated a Programme, which is beneficial for each participant.

Taking into consideration the complexity of production and manufacturing, we are offering a comprehensive solution, in the framework of which the analysis and optimization of all the factors affecting the changes in the energy costs are guaranteed. This programme is of an outstanding importance in the light of the Directive 2012/27/EU of the European Parliament and the Council on energy efficiency, which requires non-SMEs to complete an obligatory energy audit until the 15th December 2015 and the audit is to be repeated every four years.

Companies where, in compliance with the international standards, energy or environmental management systems are introduced, are exempt from the audit. The first step to apply the ISO 50001 standard complying with the latter criterion is the programme we are offering:

Energy Saving Programme for production plants

Even in the most modern system, keeping energy consumption under control is a much more complex task than selecting an energy provider and analysing the bills. Still, there is a possibility to be able to really have the company’s energy costs under control, with the help of the most state-of-the-art and not generally known techniques.

As a part of the programme, we support your aspirations towards energy rationalization both in the field of operation and production. The programme consists of the following elements:

  • Examination of the Energy Consumption
  • Energy cost analysis
  • Installation of the energy control system


1. Examination of the Energy Consumption

In the course of the examination, we are looking for saving possibilities hidden in the contracts and bills that can provide funds for the implementation of the further steps of the programme. On the one hand, we are searching for items that can be reclaimed from the energy service provider; and on the other hand, we are making proposals for developments, with the help of which we can achieve further saving. In the course of the examination of the energy consumption, we cover the following areas:

  • examination of the justification of fixed performance;
  • examination of the use of restrictive automation;
  • optimization of RHD (system usage fee) tariff classification;
  • examination of reactive energy (VARh) use;
  • introducing developments resulting in further saving.

Savings found due to the energy review can create a possibility to finance energy developments (e.g. installation of Energy Control System). In the course of the energy consumption examination, not only do we show technological and public utility energy consumption but, within them, we establish further measurement units supporting energy management, production and saving (e.g. measuring for each building for lighting, heating, production line, and compressor).

2. Analysis of the Energy Costs - Energy Concept

In our Energy Concept, we specify savings and return periods guaranteed by various modernizations. Apart from that, we support owners’ decisions professionally by specifying each development option, and we make them comparable from the point of view of investment cost and return.

The complete energy concept examines the energy consumption of the buildings comprehensively from the heat insulation of the facades and the examination of the boiler efficiency to the examination of the unit prices in the bills - i.e. taking into consideration the entire energy system. Among others, we analyze the public utility data regarding the recent period of the institution, the geometrical and physical features of the building, the thermo technical properties of the bounding structures (facade, beams, soil-connected floor or basement slabs and the windows and doors), as well as any recommendations for the heating. With the 6-module Concept, we assess the amounts wasted per area and the type of energy efficiency investments that can be implemented with the quickest return.


In the course of the partial architectural concept, we model the building for special machinery, manufacturing technology, and we also calculate the expected results for the optimal options. This module aims at the reduction of heating and cooling costs.

What else does the Energy Concept ensure? 
With the help of the Concept, on the one hand, our clients receive information that enables them to make conscious decisions required for modernization, on the other hand, they will have access to documents that form an inevitable part of either ISO 50001, or the obligatory energy audit. Moreover, our ISO expert involved in this phase of the work provides guidance to our clients so that they can achieve the certification level they want.

3. Installation of the Energy Control System – Long-Term Benefit

Our Energy Control system ensures continuous reading for the sake of long-term energy rationalization. For the implementation of real-time monitoring and the reading of detailed consumption data in the building, we have established an Energy Control System. The system is based on a 15-minute automated reading of the energy consumption of the main building parts and manufacturing areas. The data collected this way can be queried via Internet or an internal network at any time and can be displayed graphically and as a result

  • you can track the energy consumption of your buildings online
  • you can also arbitrarily analyze your periodical or cost centre based consumption
  • it ensures the option of remote monitoring (owner’s presence)
  • It supports maintenance work and ensures the avoidance of mistakes

How can you ensure funds for modernization?

The significant energy cost savings achieved through the services of Pannon Building Energetics enable you to carry out further modernizations (thus achieve more savings), beyond cost efficiency, they guarantee the position of being ready to apply for calls for proposals in order to obtain new funds.

Thus, we are not only talking about costs here but about accessible funds, as well!

In many cases the savings achieved by our basic services aiming at energy optimization also cover the cost of our full-scale service packages, which in addition to the larger-scale cost savings, also create funding options for further developments: 



Why is it worth applying the energy control system in the course of production management?

  • You can track the energy consumption of the machines online in the form of quantitative data, as well as in HUF
  • Detailed consumption data are available, this way you can analyse the consumption of the selected period
  • It provides information on the manufacturing costs of each product
  • Knowing the manufacturing costs, the manufactured products become comparable
  • As opposed to monthly bills, the detailed data are accessible even for each production line
  • By ensuring the most suitable industrial engineering from the point of view of energetics, it enables saving without investment cost
  • The system guarantees two-way communication, this way enabling online intervention and control
  • Ensures owner’s and operator’s presence
  • By learning about the precise energy consumption habits of each large consumer, it facilitates the avoidance of peak consumption, restricting simultaneity
  • It enables the comparability of each large consumer
  • It ensures the most efficient scheduling of maintenance works from the aspect of energetics

Why is it worth working with Pannon Building Energetics for production management?

  • Bearing in mind the complexity of production and manufacturing, we offer a comprehensive solution, in the framework of which the analysis and optimization of all the factors influencing the changes in the energy costs are ensured
  • With the help of Energy Control, we can obtain detailed information about the energy consumption of the sites and tools
  • Based of the detailed data you can find out the precise figures for the previously calculated manufacturing costs
  • Knowing the costs precisely can help making future economic decisions
  • In the framework of energy consultancy, as a result of the analysis of control data, we define saving measures and recommendations
  • In the framework of system monitoring, we ensure the availability of consumption data by remote monitoring
  • With the help of our company, the energy saving of each site / consumption location can be managed with a single methodology, and you can track the detailed data of your consumption online
  • As a result of the recommendations formulated by the energy experts of our company, you can rationalize your energy costs and this way you can achieve significant savings


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